Live life to the fullest.

We create products that empower our customers to fulfill their fitness & nutrition goals.

Great Earth isn’t just another health food company. It’s a way of life!

We’ve been focusing on creating new and innovative health food products for the past 45 years, expanding our reach and refining our understanding of nutrition and health-based products to provide our customers with the greatest options the nutrition industry has to offer.

We strive to keep true to our original values of quality, science-backed and tested food products so that you know what you’re buying works for your needs and goals.

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01. Research

Our food scientists have engineered the total mineral and vitamin package pulling from nature’s most nutrition rich sources.

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02. Sustainability

Great Earth uses the best farming practices to make sure we produce the lowest carbon footprint possible so that we don’t take more from the Earth than it has to give.

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03. Strategic Partners

We’ve partnered with some of the best nutritional resource companies in the world, because when we work together, great things happen!

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